This isn’t a fruit jam. It isn’t some exotic fruit found at a Tbilisi bazaar. Nor is it some sweet candy.

Or maybe it is. Kind of. All of those things.

It’s a watermelon rind. You know, the white part of the melon between the skin and the juicy pink part you eat. The part that usually, if you’re like most people I know, you throw away.

But why waste it? Instead, boil it with a whole lot of sugar and can it. Many Georgians do this, and it’s called muraba (მურაბა). Or more precisely, sazamtros muraba (საზამთროს მურაბა).

I’m told it takes a few days to make properly, but the result is delicious! They also make a variety of more traditional jams (pear, peach, cherry) and even one with unripe walnuts, as in this recipe from

Just another example of what I notice a lot over here: using every part of the food product, with as little waste as possible.